About Andrew Moya:

My name is Andrew D. Moya. I was born in New Jersey and have lived my whole life in Hoboken, New Jersey. My heritage comes from many different countries; my mother is half Puerto Rican (from my grandmother's side), half Costa Rican (from my grandfather's side), and my father immigrated from Dominican Republic when he was a kid (my uncle says that makes me a mutt). Two of my favorite television shows are Friends the Television Series and How I Met Your Mother . In high school I participated in several different activities like swimming, baseball, chorus, theater, and model UN but the thing I love to do most is being able to draw something and have a story be told through it. That's why I want to be an animator, so that I can tell stories through my drawings.

Favorite Places I've Visited

In the USA Out the USA Nebraska Britain Florida Costa Rica Puerto Rico France New York Dominican Republic

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