About Me

My name is Gillian Partyka. I cosplay as object heads and I plan to try to make a functional clock that you can also wear. So far i've made a D20 (as pictured above) and a TV. I've been drawing since I was a teeny bopper and i'm aiming to become an animator. I have seven older siblings and too many cousins to count. Lady Luck likes to visit me sometimes when i'm expecting it the least and gives me cool stories to share. I'm currently involved with CareCakes and Gamers Guild. In my DnD group I play as a 7'2'' half-orc fighter with a personality mix of Thor and Drax.

I enjoy watching cartoons since it gives me creative inspiration, a few that I like to watch are:

Avatar: The Last Airbender Steven Universe
The Dragon Prince Star Wars: The Clone Wars
The Nomad of Nowhere Hilda

Social Media

Tumblr Insta Weird Page