Jonathan Larsen

About Me

My name is Jonathan Larsen, I am from Stratford Connecticut and I am majoring in Digital Media and Design at Uconn. I enjoy playing and video games and like to draw. I attened Frank Scott Bunnell High School where I started Game Design and learned how to use 3D printers and laser cutter.

Three Things I Am Good At

Fact 1 I like to draw a lot, While not the best at more realistic drawing, I am pretty good with more cartoonish styles
Fact 2 I am mediocorlly skilled in some video games, my favorites are games such as Halo, Destiny and Planetary Annihilation.
Fact 3 I like to think I am ok in game design, at least high school level game design, as I have come in thrid three years in a row during TSA (Technology Studant Association) state compitions.

Favorite Website

Halo Waypoint Forums

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