Two Things About Me

Tubby People

One of my favorite things to draw is what I call "Tubby People." They are a cartoon style that I use when drawing caricatures of either real or fictional things. The first "tubbies" were drawn on my first trip to boy scout camp in 2011 when I drew my boy scout troop (I am in the very front to the left). From that first drawing, their design changed and has stayed relatively the same for quite some time. When drawing something in this style, the goal is to simplify the details, but still keep the characters detailed enough that they are still recognizable while also making sure they all look consistant with one another.

This "Tubby" is of myself, I find it interesting as the design I use for myself has not really changed in the past seven years. The biggest change being the glasses. I also find it funny since the hoodie he is wearing is the same one I wore in my DMD admission video.The giant pencil has also shown up in drawings before it, mainly posters for my brothers run as secertary in freshman and sophomore year of high school.

This "Tubby" is of C3PO from Star Wars. He is one of my favorite as he brought the challenge of making him look shiny due to his gold exterior.

This "Tubby" is based on my character in the video game Destiny 2. To the left is the drawing and the to the right is the actual character in game.

Astromech Droid Project

Ever since I saw the first Star Wars, I wanted to build a life size R2D2. I began the project in my junior year of high school while still in my game design class. My game design teacher was also the engineering teacher, so when senior year came, he let me waviar into the Engineering II class that my brother was also in. The body, legs and yet to be made feet are made with 3mm baltic birch plywood. The shapes were traced from plans from the "R2 Builders Club" in CAD and cut on a laser cutter (the same model as the Uconn makerspace one). Aesthetic pieces were 3d printed from the builder club files. The dome was purchased from the builders club as R2 domes have to be custom made and this versions had the panels laser cut. The legs, body and head are all mostly together, the still need to be made. Once the feet are done, I plan on starting the electronics and getting him moving!

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