Nandita Venkat

I really don't like posting pics of my self, so here's a dog instead

About Me

My name is Nandita Venkat, and I currently attend the University of Connectiuct for Digital Media design.
I was born in Houston,Texas before moving to India for 4 years and then moving back to the U.S. I grew up In West Hartford and moved to Glastonbury around junior high.
I recently started playing video games, and over the break I hope to play Fallout: New Vegas, and Dishonored 2, as well as get the new spiderman game.
This semester I want to clear out most of my gen eds,learn how to study and get better at not procrastinationg.

3 things that I am skilled at

Things I both enjoy and exel at doing
Singing Making cool settings and magic systems Binge watching Procrastinating