About Me:

My name is Sofia Messerrly. I was born in Greenwich, Connecticut and I've lived in Port Chester, NY my whole life. This year, however, I moved back to Greenwich.
I love writing down all my dreams and listening to new music, mostly rap and alternative. I have a sister, Isabel, who is 20 and goes to Binghamton University and I
have two doggies: Lily, a maltese/shih-tzu mix, and Daisy, a cairn terrier. My favorite TV shows are The Office and Criminal Minds. I am Cuban and Polish.
Editing photos, music, videos and creating art, in general, is what I am passionate about!

The things I am really skilled at are:

Making chocolate chip pancakes Writing down all my dreams
Petting dogs Knowing song lyrics
Fixing computer problems Taking naps

This is My Favorite Website:

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