Gregory Brockett

I have been involved in Boy Scouts for about 14 years. Since then I have gotten my eagle scout and gotten involved in national youth leadership training(NYLT). NYLT is a 5 day course that teaches scouts how to become leaders in their home troops and in life. This summer I lead the whole camp with the positon of Youth Course Director where I was in charge of making sure every activity stayed on schedule and went according to plan.

I also really enjoy making and listinging to music. I started out my music career in middleschool where i got guitar lessons and learned how to play classical music as well as working my way up to death metal music. In sophomore year I picked up trombone and played in the school marching band as well as the jazz band. It was a great way to express myself and make some lifelong friends. I also love to go to metal concerts and festivals. I am planning on going to some crazy concerts this year!